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Precision is at the core of everything we make.
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Providing quality service is about more than the top-notch equipment in our shop — it’s also about the experienced team that runs that equipment and makes sure we meet our clients’ needs every day.

The Sabre team is made up of experienced professionals, including a high ratio of Journeyperson machinists who are highly trained in manual and CNC machining. Their knowledge and experience gives us the capability to deliver on custom-machining or large-quantity production orders with the standard our clients have come to expect.



Our Team
Our 4” Deep Hole Drill here can produce large scale aluminum steam valves for a hydro project.
We operate high-quality, well-maintained CNC machines that can perform a variety of tasks and ensure excellent lead times.
Our equipment includes:
  • Lathes and mills (both large and small)
  • Robotic cells (allowing lights-out machining)
  • Deep-hole gun drilling
  • Swiss machines (small envelope, highly robotic, multiple tools, small parts)
  • Deep-hole boring
  • Ejector drilling (including large sizes)
  • Ejector drilling (including large sizes)

The first machine to arrive in our Saskatoon shop, the Mazak
QTN450-II m got us started on March 11, 2011. And we continue to add capabilities and equipment.

We expect to see the Full Five Axis Multi-task here in November.

It’s not enough for us to claim we know what we’re doing — we need to back it up.
Industry certification and third-party audits regularly test us to make sure we’re up-to-date with the latest industry best practices.


Sabre Machining is not afraid of complex jobs. Working with aluminum, steel or carbon fibre, we’ve counted on them for years to deliver complex jobs on time and budget.

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